23-24 October 2017

Congress Center Saints Marcellino and Festo
Largo San Marcellino 10, Naples, ltaly

An intellectual laboratory to identify opportunities and raise new initiatives for a coherent development.
The Workshop offers an arena to present and promote practical proposals.

Un atelier intellectuel pour identifier les opportunités et susciter des initiatives pour un développement cohérent.
Le Workshop offre une arène pour présenter et promouvoir des propositions concrètes.

ورشة علمية لتشخيص الفرص و استنباط مبادرات جديدة من أجل تنمية متناغمة
وتوفّر الورشة مساحة متميزة لتقديم و الدفع بمقترحات علمية رائدة

Un laboratorio intellettuale per individuare opportunità e suscitare iniziative per uno sviluppo coerente.
Il Workshop offre a tutti un’arena per presentare e promuovere proposte concrete.

The Workshop is dedicated to the memory of Franco Rizzi, founder of UNIMED

Left: Map reconstituted from Ptolemy’s Geography (ca. AD 150)
Credited to Francesco di Antonio del Chierico – Ptolemy’s Geography (Harleian MS 7182, ff 58-59, mid 15th century)
Public Domain, Commons Wikimedia 

Right: The Tabula Rogeriana, drawn in 1154 by the Arab geographer El Idrisi at the court of the Norman King Roger II of Sicily
Konrad Miller’s collage of the Bodleian MS. Pococke 375 or possibly another based on the French National Library’s MS. Arabe 2221
Public Domain, Commons Wikimedia